Boost Future Internet
by real life testing in challenging contexts

We provide physical IoT environments in especially extreme, diversified and challenging contexts:
-Test your sensors in demanding environments
-Get access to a cloud sensor platform with services
-Get access to a platform with customizable mobile application possibilities
-Researches interested in experimentation on the IoT testbed

Challenging contexts

We have experience with testing sensors in diverse environments like:
-One of the most IT mature societies in Europe.
-Integrated testing collaborations with diverse usage and multidisciplinary cooperation with partners such as municipalities, energy companies, citizens, researchers, SMEs etc.
-High above (e.g. bridges) and deep below (e.g. mines, wells).
-Various temperatures: +30C to -30C and four very distinct seasons.
-Possibilities for cooperation with existing smart energy testbeds, e.g. public buildings, campus areas, homes, smart grids.

Our Technical Platform

IOT Innovation Lab is a system that provides a secure, stable and simple cloud service to be used as a backend system for many different types of sensor network applications. The main purpose with this platform is to provide a tool for people, companies and organizations to design, prototype and implement secure and efficient sensor network applications without the need to invest initial time and money into the development of a complex backend system.


Contact us

Phone: +46 (0)0910-585364

E-mail: karl.andersson@ltu.se

IoT Innovation Lab
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