IoT Innovation Lab is an experimental test facility for the testing, research, development and experimentation of architectures, key enabling technologies, services and applications for the Internet of Things. The technical platform is suitable for experimentation and evaluation of IoT concepts under challenging real-life conditions. Examples of tests that can be conducted are: service usability, technical stability and real-life testing of future technologies, sensor evaluation etc.

We have experience with testing sensors in diverse environments like:
- One of the most IT mature societies in Europe.
- Integrated testing collaborations with diverse usage and multidisciplinary cooperation with partners such as municipalities, energy companies, citizens, researchers, SMEs etc.
- High above (e.g. bridges) and deep below (e.g. mines, wells).
- Various temperatures: +30C to -30C and four very distinct seasons.
- Possibilities for cooperation with existing smart energy testbeds, ex public buildings, campus areas, homes, smart grids.

Reasons to use our Testbed
Our most important assets are, apart from the technical cloud-based platform connected to state-of-the-art research, the possibilities to test you services and products in one of the most IT mature and challanging societies in Europe.
The IoT Innovation Lab testbed is geographically located in the northern Swedish towns of Luleå and Skellefteå, where the weather could range from -30 to +30 degrees Celsius and where tests can be done both high above and deep below, from mines to bridges and everything in between. Moreover, we have extensive integrated testing collaborations with diverse users such as municipalities, energy companies, citizens, researchers, SMEs etc.

Our Technical Platform Saves you Time & Money
The main purpose of our platform is to provide a tool for companies, organizations and universities to rapidly design, prototype and implement secure and efficient sensor network applications. By using the IoT Innovation Lab platform, you don't have to invest time and money to develop a complex backend system for sensor administration, data collection and data storage yourself.

Our Cloudservice: Easy Access to your own and other Public Sensors
We can offer you a safe, stable and simple cloud service system that can be used as an overall system for many different types of sensor applications and sensor testing. The main purpose of this platform is to provide people, companies and organizations a tool to design, prototype and implement secure and efficient sensor network applications, without the need to invest initial time and money on a complex backend system. The first step is to register as a user on our website. This will give you access to all sensors marked "public" by other users. On our website you will also find information on how to register as a sensor owner for your own application. For more information contact Marie Nolin, e-mail:

The Technical backbone: How it Works
The platform architecture is based on a central server system hosting an administration web application, a RESTful API, data storage and an AAA-component that allows sensor systems to submit data and external applications to extract data in a secure way. In a typical sensor application the data collected by individual sensors are sent to the server through the use of an intermediate gateway application (in some applications, e.g. a smart phone, the sensor and gateway could of course be one and the same). This gateway application handles the task of authenticating sensors, provides intermediate data storage and a secure communication with the server. The use of a gateway system also relieves the central server from the task of verifying data validity and aggregating relevant information from the raw sensor data.