Real Diverse Users in Real Challenging Environments
We offer IT companies the opportunity to test ideas, services and products with real users in a real environment, in collaboration with researchers at Luleå Technical University, Sweden. Our knowledge, our technical infrastructure and our test end users helps companies minimize risk and optimize commercial opportunities by launching new products and services with a focus on the future of internet. To ensure quality and to trust that your idea really is properly tested and evaluated on a scientific basis, IoT researchers from Luleå University of Technology is the principal interlocutor in matters relating to the testing.

Open to All Users
IoT Innovation Lab is open to the all IT industry players, both large and small. Operators, media companies, service providers, technology and product suppliers, universities, venture capital firms, research institutes and public authorities. Test site allows different actors to both collaborate with other stakeholders in the value chain and also to reach end users.

From Idea to Finished Product
It is possible for you to test in one or more steps, from the idea of prototype to finished product. We conduct concept testing and usability testing of prototypes and pre-commercial products and services. It can be done as a continuous, complete testing throughout your workflow from concept to finished product or service.

We can help you, not only with the physical testing, but also in the following areas:
- Experiment management understanding
- User involvement, methodologies and tools
- Experimental technical platform and tools
- Testing in real world settings and contexts
- Getting in contact with social and industrial stakeholders with needs for knowledgeable and good solutions
- Connecting you with ICT and IoT Research to improved your experimental capabilities

We can offer you to test IoT ideas, services and products together with real users in real environments.

IoT Innovation Lab's key topics are: