BayesForSG: A Bayesian Model for Forecasting Thermal Load in Smart Grids

A Web Based Belief Rule Based Expert System to Predict Flood

Selective Decryption of Outsourced IoT Data

Energy Efficiency Gains in Daily Grass Heating Operation of Sports Facilities through Supervisory Holistic Control

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An overview of the commercial cloud monitoring tools: research dimensions, design issues, and state-of-the-art

CloudSimDisk: Energy-Aware Storage Simulation in CloudSim

CoMA: Resource Monitoring of Docker Containers

Context-Aware QoE Modelling, Measurement and Prediction in Mobile Computing Systems

Cross-Layer Multi-Cloud Real-Time Application QoS Monitoring and Benchmarking As-a-Service Framework

EAP-Swift: An Efficient Authentication and Key Generation Mechanism for Resource Constrained WSNs

IReHMo : An efficient IoT-Based Remote health Monitoring System for Smart Regions

Orchestrating Quality of Service in the Cloud of Things Ecosystem

Secure and scalable multimedia sharing between smart homes

Indoor taxi-cab: real-time Indoor positioning and location-based services with Ekahau and Android OS, 2014

Mobile Cell Data Structure Quality Improvement for User Positioning Purposes​, 2014

Improving Wi-Fi based Indoor Positioning using Particle Filter based on Signal Strength, 2014

Smart Risk Assessment Systems using Belief-rule-based DSS and WSN Technologies, 2014

Machine learning in district heating system energy optimization, 2014

Disaster-resilient mobile network architecture, 2014

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Secure and Scalable Multimedia Sharing between Smart Homes, 2014

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